18 yo Asian – Chinese Exchange Student

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18 yo Asian – Chinese Exchange Student
Long jet black hair, big eyes, typical outstanding Hispanic breasts that threatened to pop out of her top, which was very tight and low cut black mesh, and her tanned brown legs in high black heels in a black mini skirt floored me.

Chloe turned out to be a marvelous conversationalist and she actually was very smart for her age.

The multiple gold and pink bracelets on her right arm knocking together and back and forth with her arm movements.

“Well Chloe, you were wonderful company tonight. Thank you.” “You’re not gonna walk me in?” Chloe asked in surprise.

“Oh, of course!” I scrammbled out of my seat, fumbling with my belt enough to make Chloe giggle again.

Chloe began to pull back and stopped, then got up on her toes in her sandals and gave me a quick two second kiss on the lips, her hands cradling my face.

She pulled back, looking me right in the eyes, and blinked her long lashes once slowly.

Without pulling her face back from me she said quietly, “Oh, someone else came to the party. Pleasure to meet youuuuummmm.” She said as her lips kissed me again.

“Mmmm?” Chloe hummed as she looked up at me again.

“Mmmmmmm,” Chloe moaned for me as she pulled back to my tip and inhaled me as far as her cute little mouth could.

I saw Chloe look up at me as she pulled back all the way off.

With each back and forth Chloe would vary the pressure of her lips and jaw, keeping me from catching a rhythm.

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“Huuuu. Mmmmmm. Hhhmmmmmph. Ummmph.” I was grunting from the effort to keep my cum from heading out.

“Oh shit!” My head fell back and my eyes closed as I lost my power over my orgasm and felt my balls start to pull to my body.

“Mmmmmmmm!!!” Chloe moaned loudly, still sliding me in and out of her mouth at varying speeds and pressures.

Massaging my base with her rigid tongue waves as she pulled back slowly actually caused me shaft do a post orgasm compression and actually cleaned out the bit of left over cum in my cock and deposited the seed in Chloe’s waiting mouth.
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