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3D futa and anal
“No boy. With Cassandra. I told you she became a futa, too, over the summer. That’s why her slumber parties are so awesome. I’m going to one after the game tonight. It’s so hot watching Cassandra fuck her MILF lover and Lana at the same time. Incest is so hot. I love watching Lana and her mother have sex.” “That’s it!” squealed Jamie, bouncing up and down with excitement, her small tits jiggling.

“Listen, Cassandra, how would you like to be an honorary Pussycat and-” Cassandra’s shriek was so loud it hurt my ears.

“Especially the ones with dicks.” “Yes!” Cassandra said, squeezing my cock.

Their tits bounced with the other girls as I savored the slow thrusts of Cassandra’s girl-cock through my pussy.

“Yes, yes, Cassandra Riley is a futa, and she has her huge girl-dick churning up Kimmie’s pussy,” the announcer groaned, his voice booming over the deafening crowd.

My ears roared with passion, my heart hammering beneath my breast, as Cassandra buried into me, her dick spurting more and more girl-spunk into my pussy.

The redheaded futa shuddered, the side of her left breast rubbing into my right as she moaned, “How does the announcer know what your pussy tastes like?” “The wish?” I shrugged, staring down at Amy’s cheeks hollowing as she bobbed her mouth on Cassandra’s cock.

The idea of being pressed tight against Cassandra’s hot cock as we fucked my sister’s near virginal pussy surged through me.

My sister trembled between us as Cassandra reached down, holding both our cocks in one hand, and guided us to my sister’s opening.

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The crowd exploded, thundering in excitement as Cassandra and I pressed our cocks deeper and deeper and deeper into my little sister’s once virginal cunt.
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