4th of July Done Right

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4th of July Done Right

” Diamond says as Jasmine chuckles ” I know mine to, but I want my man to lay down so he can get me wetter.

” OH SHIT….BABYYYYYY….I’M CUMMMINGGGG!” Jasmine yells with a loud moan After a few minutes Jasmine places her legs down as I raise up to see a smile on Diamonds face.

” Diamond says as I oblige her sweetly Again we are all in a state of pleasure as Jasmine works me back to hardness as I eat Diamond out.

” OH FUCKKKK….I’M CUMMINGGGG!” She says as I feel her squirt in my mouth also ” Baby your rock hard who is first?’ Jasmine tells me as I raise up after Jasmine moves I reach down with my right hand stroking my cock looking at the two of them cuddle.

” Baby…are you…close?’ Jasmine asks looking up in my eyes as I make love to her ” Yes….why darlin?’ I ask pounding her as Diamond fondles Jasmine’s breast ” Because I want it….flood my womb….get me preggers.

” Diamond says as I feel my climax coming forth ” OH SHIT!” I say as I thrust one more time holding Jasmine’s pussy against my cock ” OH FUCK YESSSSSS!” Jasmine yells arching her back as Diamond holds Jasmine loosely After my balls were drained and collapsing on both of them.

” Jasmine would you get mad if maybe Diamond spends the rest of the week with us sharing our bed?” I ask my Latina queen seeing her eyes sparkle ” Baby I think I would like that if she doesn’t mind.

” My darlin answers as we look at Diamond ” Jasmine, Heath your serious?” She asks getting nods before continuing ” I would like that very much as long as you both make love to me later.

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Diamond looks shocked asking what I meant when Jasmine steps to her.

My brothers, Jasmine, Faye the woman that is a mother to me, and now my sisters Diamond and Hannah.

There on the couch was Jasmine being held down by a big African American man 6’4, 258 lbs, bald head. He had his pants down as Jasmine was topless.
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