A black woman loves her big dick enjoys her

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A black woman loves her big dick enjoys her
She has orgasms during any form of sex, including fellatio, enemas, and just having her boobs sucked, fondled, or milked.

Gloria’s milk production slowly increases until she is lactating 2 liters of milk every two hours.

Unless she has just been milked, milk drips non-stop from her nipples and wets her clothes.

Her nipples become even more noticeable when the material around them is wet from her milk.

The milking of her breasts takes a lot of her time, and the constant leaking is a problem.

She grows to like making so much milk due to the orgasms the milking gives her, and she finds that men are really turned on by her vast quantities of milk.

She jokes with her girlfriends that she produces as much milk as a cow.

Over a period of just two hours, her breasts become so full that a slight squeeze or quick motion produces a spray of milk, and they start to ache.

She does not use a pump but just squeezes them to produce sprays of milk that can shoot out over a meter and drain them in about two minutes.

The expansion of her breasts against the bra as they fill with milk produces enough pressure to force the milk out and prevent their aching from waking her.

She intentionally wears S cup bras, which are especially made for her, because she likes the additional cleavage and the overflowing look she gets with the expansion of her breasts by her milk.

She does wear bras at times to minimize the milk spraying caused by the swaying of her breasts.

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She has bras with material to absorb her milk, but they become heavy and start leaking after only an hour.

Otherwise, her huge breasts would swing wildly with her moves and spray milk everywhere.

The Gym Today is workout day, so Gloria drains her milk, and puts on a sports bra and a skintight top and bottom.

Her wet spots grow in size since the squeezing of her breasts produces more milk and soon she is leaking drops of milk onto the floor.
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