A Mom I’d Like To Fuck

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A Mom I’d Like To Fuck
” “What the hell is going on Sally, why are you undressed?” At that moment, a loud voice floated downstairs bearing the instruction: “Get your fucking legs open mom, how do you expect me to fuck you if I can’t get at your vagina? That’s more like it, now hold them up and keep them apart.

“That’s more like it. Get hold of Sarah’s dick. Has he got it Sarah?” “Oh yes, OH AAH. Stop fucking me for moment, he’s fucking wanking me, OOH that’s nice, you can fuck me now Sally. OHH this is gooood.” “Dad; Suck her dick. Is he sucking you Sarah?” “OH YES, Yes he is.” Letting go of her hips I reached around her to grasp her tits and then I started banging her.

I’d seen mom enter the room as I’d fucked Sally and now I made sure that she saw the future as she watched dad fuck Sarah.

She’d been fucked by one daughter, she was about to be fucked by her other daughter and that would be happening alongside her husband as he fucked her daughter.

“You found out a long time ago that we Futarani are stronger than you so don’t think I can’t, or won’t do it, and for the record if I have to fuck you I’ll follow that by screwing mom in the same manner.” “Right now, mom has a chance to bury her cock in the daughter who ravished her. Now mother, Get down on her, choose which hole you’re going to invade and then do it. I said do it, otherwise I’ll do you.” Mom went for a straightforward missionary position fuck, but I doubt that any missionary ever put the amount of vigour into screwing anyone that mom used on Sarah.

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” “Fuck me, fuck me, come on bitch, and fuck me.

“So you like the rough talk. Well here’s some more, you are about to be fucked, roughly, and then I’m going to take your fucking anus as well.” “Would you please fuck my vagina?” “Get on the table.” She stood up and lifted herself up onto the table, and immediately opened her very long legs and brought her knees back to her shoulders.
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