A taxi driver brutally fuck her

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A taxi driver brutally fuck her
Before setting off she had called the dentist who, despite it being Wednesday, his afternoon off, agreed to see me, but he warned Mum that he would be alone, with no nurse as she was already gone.

The dentist had me sit in his chair, and strapped my hands and legs in, he said it was to stop me hitting him while I was asleep.

The dentist went on to explain to my mum that I had been lucky to have the bad reaction to the anaesthetic, as that had led to him finding, and treating the damage caused by the childs bike seat.

One thing disturbed me though, Alan asked me if the dentist had done anything to my bum while I was there, remembering the dark warning I had been given I denied it, but Alan grinned knowingly! Mum told me that as I had made such a fuss during the first treatment I was to go back on the following Wednesday, to have the stitches removed.

The dentist then told me that this man was also a dentist, and he was going to show me what would happen if I ever told anyone about all of this.

The newcomer then took hold of the dentists drill and firstly ran it around my cock and balls, bringing back my erection, and leaving my cock throbbing tight up against my belly.

The real dentist stopped him, and tidied up the hole and filled it.

Once in the house an argument developed between the 2 of them, and if my memory serves me right the taxi driver wanted to seriously abuse me but the dentist wanted to be more cautious.

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Luckily the dentist won, and though my torture continued looking back I think the taxi driver might have even killed me, had he been given the chance! The taxi driver wanted to rape me, but his cock was so small that he could not penetrate, so he then slapped me a little, though the dentist stopped him from hitting my face, then he held his cock to my mouth, and told me to suck.

As we were in the dentists lounge and the piss was going all over the floor, the dentist shouted at the drive, who blamed me for not swallowing.

The dentist then lost his temper and told the driver to leave.
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