A time of fun and sex

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A time of fun and sex
Thinking about what they said about me had made me horny and now I really needed a hard cock in my pussy.

The thought of three hard cocks sounded great as I went to the bedroom and got ready for a fun night I wished Frank would’ve stayed, four cocks would’ve been even better.

The lace panties that didn’t hid my clean shaven pussy, should make Paul happy and the fact they would all get to fuck me would prove to them my husband didn’t lie about my fucking talent.

“Hell it’s easy with tits like yours, you just hold them together and slide your cock between them,” he said with a smile.

All three guys quickly removed their clothes giving me a wonderful view of three nice hard cocks.

He placed his hard cock between my tits pushed them together and began sliding his cock back and forth.

The head of his cock forced my pussy open as he slowly started to push it in he couldn’t help but remark how sweet I tasted and how tight I felt.

I would make my pussy very tight every time I got fucked not only did it make me feel like a virgin to the men, it made their cocks feel better and bigger no matter what their size.

Luckily as soon as he pulled out of me Jim hopped between my legs and quickly shoved his cock in me.

Paul almost choked on his beer as I slid my mouth over his cock and began sucking.

Between my sucking and playing with them all three cocks soon got hard again surprising the guys.

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As I lowered myself on to his cock I looked at him and said, “Now it shouldn’t be hard for you to play with my tits while I’m fucking you.

The finger didn’t just rub the juices on my ass it was pushed into my ass, causing me to move back burying it in as far and as I could and at the same time sending Tom’s cock deep into my pussy.

Now with him squeezing them I began to bounce back and forth harder not only did I bounce harder I squeezed my pussy tighter on his cock.

I looked at his nice hard cock, and told him I was never too tired when there was a nice cock like his waiting for me.

Paul got behind me and the minute the head of his cock touched my pussy I once again squeezed as tight as I could.
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