Alexis Rodriguez Is A Big Booty Puerto Rican!

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Alexis Rodriguez Is A Big Booty Puerto Rican!
I spread her legs to only discover the most beautifulest sight ever, her pussy was smooth bald, not one single strand of hair started to grow there yet, her lips were puffy but still very small as I spread her outter pussy plump lips to see the pinkest thin lips press tightly together hiding her clit, I hear hear still crying and breathing hard, her boney chest rising up and down, I open those tiny thin lips to reveal her whitish pinkish hymen, closing sealed the entrance to the inside of her skinny little undeveloped body.

I pulled out and she was in between crying an moaning her body weak I had her legs spread I looked at the reddish whitish cream around an inside her bloody pussy, I wanted to taste it, so I did I licked her bloody creamy pussy clean sollowing every thing that was there I suck my tongue in her pin hole pussy that’s still extremely tight not even half of my tongue fit.

I looked up at her beautiful young 10 yr old face the sadness an hornyness mixed in her face made me jam my dick deep she screamed an tried to get away but I let go of her leg and grab her neck, I don’t know what came over me but I started to choke her, I just keeped on pumping my dick faster an faster into her tight tight pussy every now an then I pulled out ill miss the entrance to her tight pussy, an it would jam into her tight ass cause her pain through out her body causing her to tense up.

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” Juan no please I’m hurting down there Im so sore it burn, it felt so hurt, please I can’t take it”, an as sonn as she finished her last sentence I just teared right in her swollen extra tight pussy oh she was so sexy, long red braids now soaking wet stuck against her pale white freackles back two dimples showed at the top of her butt crack.

Spreading her boney ass apart ramming my phat hard prev dick in her, hearing her cries once again turn to moans as she cumms all over my cock, I let go of her leg again and grab her neck once more an start choking her from behind dick jaming her tight pussy ten yr old walls.

Her body gose limp again and her head hit the shower wall hard just like that I came in her just cleaned deflowerized pussy now destroyed pussy.
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