anal surprise party

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anal surprise party
We ate in the nude, and as women will always talk constantly, we talked a lot about our lifestyles and experiences, and Rithika showed me her wardrobe, lingerie collection, photographs, porn collection She kept calling me ‘Momma’, and I loved it! All along, she was full of questions about our family, and especially about Aaditya.

Rithika grinned from ear to ear as the implications of making a tub out of her bed sank in.

Before we moved on to dressing up for our lingerie party, I took out my Ben-Wa balls and showed Rithika how to insert them into her vagina, then asked her wear panties to hold them in after I left the room! She was squealing with delight as she felt them moving inside her cunt.

We drank the bitter vodka-and-urine cocktail and started dancing together, Rithika pulled out the double-header from my stocking, and smooched and caressed it lovingly.

My special strap-on soon joined the party, and my Anal Pearls made many journeys in and out of Rithika’s well-lubed rectum.

Rithika Puts Forward a Proposition: Clean and fresh, Rithika and I lay in her bed and chatted.

Rather nervously, Rithika asked me, “Heck, I am jumping the gun here, and only thinking of being with you! But will Aaditya accept me as a wife?” I laughed and told Rithika, “Once that motherfucker meets you, he will literally be licking your ass and proposing to you on his knees! A mother knows her son, darling; and an incestuous mother knows her son even better!” Rithika was jumping with excitement – I wondered where the strait-laced banker had gone now! She proposed a Golden Drink to this, “Momma, let us drink to this with our favourite! Come and sit on my face and pour me a drink.” I obliged her and she licked me clean and made me cum with her expert tongue, then we changed places and she poured me a drink too and I too made her climax.

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Aaditya greeted Rithika and me very nicely, “Hi Sexy Mom, and hi Sexy Rithika!” He said he had genuinely liked Rithika’s pics, and would like to meet her as early as possible, spend a lot of time talking with her and give her tons of pleasures.
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