Anastasia Lux, Extra Sized Wife

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Anastasia Lux, Extra Sized Wife
About eight months after I began working for Joy, I began seeing a few signs of worry in her face.

One day, after a session of hot sex in one of the motel rooms, Joy asked me if I’d just lay beside her and hold her a while.

Even as old as Joy was, her legs were nicer than Kelly’s, and her tits as small as they were, you could definitely tell she had some nice ones.

Joy’s hair is shorter, but about the same color her stylist takes care of the grey.

“Come on in, Don. I know you’re probably wondering why you got involved with a crazy old woman who likes getting ass fucked.” “Now, now let’s don’t talk about Joy when she’s not around to defend herself.” I bent down, tweaked an old nipple, and whispered, “Even though she’s crazy, she gives the best blow job within a hundred miles in any direction. Besides, I guess she gets her love of anal from her lovely mom.” I kissed the old lady on the forehead and winked at Joy, who was standing five feet behind her with a smile on her pretty face.

“Pffft, I’m not talking about Joy and you know it. My poor old body didn’t look like this forty years ago, you should have known me then.” “I damn sure wish I had known both of you forty years ago. So what’s on tap for today, ladies? I took a Cialis about two hours ago and I brought along my cock pump, too, just in case ol’ Fat Boy doesn’t want to cooperate.” Joy led the way to Della’s bedroom.

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One night, Della encouraged Joy to straddle her own father while he was passed out, drunk.

Della watched as Joy climbed aboard and helped her line up Chucks cock.

The dildo Joy produced was something I’d never seen.

The contraption was built in a manner that, when Joy pulled back, the ‘curl’ sank deeper into her own guts.

Joy began bucking hard, in and out of my ass and in and out of hers.

The dildo in Joy was still stimulating her, making her wiggle as she lay on my back.

” I pulled Joy a little tighter and kissed her cheek, “She loved you more than anything, you know.

As my own body started to send signals to my testicles, Joy came again.
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