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Anime Uncensored
Anime club, and late night anime club in the afternoon and evening.

It’s used for Video game and Anime club.

About 2 hours went by, and Garret was finally out of class.

Garret had been friendzoned, but he looked pretty happy that day.

A little too happy… He walked past Hayly and petted her head. “Hey there.” “Hey Reno! What’s up?” Reno was Garret’s nickname.

Hayly put her laptop away and moved to the theater part of the den behind her for Anime club.

This went on for about 3 hours until 7pm, that’s when Anime club ends and the after Anime club starts.

Garret headed to his last class for the day afterwards.

“I’ll be there in about an hour and a half. Don’t show the new Sword Art without me!” Haldon and the others set it up after feeling like 3 hours of anime just wasn’t enough, so they set up the late night Anime club.

We all ventured to a room where we watched these animes and got settled in.

The animes started playing and Hayly whooped out her sketchbook.

“Watcha drawin’ today?” “Just another one of my characters.” “She looks nice, I really like it.” “Thanks Reno.” He walked off and set his bag over at another table, settling down and watching the Animes that were showing with everyone else.

“Is everything ok?” “I don’t have a ride home…” “Oh? I’ll take you home if you need me too. How far away do you live?” “10 minutes or so, are you sure? I’ll give you gas money if need be.” “Nope. It’s fine no worries. Come on. Hayly followed him out with Dale, Haldon and anyone else who had shown up for the club. Everyone got outside and started heading for their cars.”Dale needs a ride home too, you don’t mind do you?” Garret asked.

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You see, Dale and Garret had a secret plan… seeing as Garret was rejected, he wasn’t too happy.
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