Anna Calendar Audition

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Anna Calendar Audition
Chuckling to himself, Mike returned his focus to his audition preparations, advising Melody to explore her personality and interests some more.

Turning to Melody, Mike asked, “So what did you do this morning?” “Let me show you,” she said, reaching for Mike’s laptop.

Entering the leasing office at the front of the complex, Mike began to fill out the papers adding Melody as an authorized signer for packages and mail.

Their errand complete, Mike and Melody headed back home.

Mike spent the rest of the afternoon continuing is audition prep, while Melody tried out some more of his video game collection, settling on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Wednesday began with their now familiar morning routine, however Mike felt a little celebration was in order for Melody’s first job.

“Braxton! Time for a fire drill! Open up!” He immediately recognized the voice as Stuart McKay, the principal tuba player from the ASO. Turning to Melody, Mike quickly asked her to slow time, which she immediately did.

Even with Mike offering to drive him back to get his car, he still said no, resulting in Mike taking her home and returning the next day for his car.

” The pair ate the last of the quesadilla chicken leftovers for lunch before relaxing on the sofa with the noon news on the TV. Melody sent a few more emails to prospective clients, while Mike listened to some of the pieces he’d be playing on Friday to get himself in the right mindset for the next couple of days.

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Reentering his practice studio, Mike motioned for Melody to join him.

Ramming his last into her, Mike finally felt his long awaited climax approach and, giving himself over to it completely, unleashed a torrent of his cum into Melody’s convulsing pussy.

After consuming a couple of TV dinners, Mike introduced Melody to the joys of Super Smash Brothers.
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