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Barirah loves to hike, taking long walks through forests and meadows.

“Oh come on, B! You should come, okay? You already know where he lives so we’ll see you there!” Anne ran away down the hall to Rick who waved to Barirah with a grin drawn across his face.

“So, how are you likin’ Woburn?” “It’s nice. It’s less busy than Omaha is.” Barirah began fiddling with a cloth on the counter as Rick fixed himself a cup of water.

As Rick sipped at his water he lead them to the living room where they watched some TV. They chatted for a while and Rick learned about how Barirah ended up down here.

“He’ll be watching.” “Watching? What do you mean?” Rick put his hand on one of her cheeks and gave it a squeeze, “That feels really nice, Barirah. Move over here a little more.” He pushed on her bottom over to a stack of hay and closed the bard door.

Barirah could only manage a dark red blush, “Why don’t you go ahead and lie on your back on that hay stack and have your head hang off the side.” Barirah hesitated, staring at the sturdy stack.

The large veins were pumping his cock full of blood and Rick felt the heat as he took a hold of the shaft and pressed his head against Barirah’s lips.

Barirah just laid still and felt the heat of his blood filled head as it touched her lips gently.

Barirah just watched his scrotum gently dangle back and forth as Rick reached to his side for something.

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Barirah couldn’t see it, but Rick smiled instantly, his cock growing harder just by the sight of them.

Barirah could feel the veins pulsate on her tongue as his cock quickly filled her mouth, stretching her jaw with each thrust.

Barirah could feel the tip of his cock near the back of her throat and when the thrusts slowly brought his head there she began to gag lightly, the head pressing against her tonsils.

Barirah couldn’t help but drool on his shaft and each time he pulled his cock out for her to breath, thick globs of spit dumped out and rolled down her face.

Barirah could barely contain herself, the pain that shot through her body was too much and she let out a scream.
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