Are these two girls in the dorm? Or were they deceived?

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Are these two girls in the dorm? Or were they deceived?
“Sandy what do you think I should wear”? “Dress hot; you are going with Bill and will have to keep the vultures off. The only way to do that is dress hot”.

Bill showed up half an hour late; it was lucky we were not dating or he would have been in hot water.

“It’s seven thirty now Bill not seven”.

His eyes grew and he had a really wide smile as Bill pulled away.

Bill could tell as he pulled me to him and we began kissing.

I started thinking about being naked in the car and climbing on top of Bill.

“Megan”? Bill’s hands were so strong I thought.

Bill caught up with me at the coffee shop I think he was staking it out.

Bill stripped down to his boxers and I stripped down to bra and thong.

Bill helped me to tie the sheet on correctly; this being my first toga party after all.

Bill brought me over to the bar “What do you want to drink?” I looked at the cute guy bartender “Can you make me a long island iced tea please; I have never had one and always wanted to give it a try”.

Bill was introducing me to people when I started coughing and spitting.

“What is it Bill?” “I don’t know it’s a punch they make for girls who can’t handle Long Island Iced Tea”.

Bill left me on the dance floor during a break to get a refill.

Bill came back and just joined in there was no jealousy.

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I downed the drink Bill brought me and took another hit off the bong.

I looked around for Bill; I couldn’t see him but didn’t care.

“It’s so hard to calm down Bill I am ready to fuck, suck, lick and bite.” My body was so inflamed that any little touch made me quiver.

“Megan is everything okay” The fog was starting to clear in my head “Jesus, Bill we are outside in our underwear”.

Bill said “Wait here I am going to get us a refill.

” Bill came back with our drinks; I grabbed mine and quickly downed it.

I looked into Bill’s eyes and said “I’m sorry”; I left him and pushed my way through the crowd.

Bill grabbed me from behind; turned me around and kissed me.

Bill took her bra off as she was kissing my breasts.

She looked over at Bill and said “This is quite wet would you like to feel?” She threw it at his grinning face; he caught it and brought it to his nose.
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