Are they really gay ?!

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Are they really gay ?!

I reached down and played with his cock and then began to suck it, I could taste my ass and his cum on his cock and slurped it all up and cleaned his shaft and head real good.

I eat her pussy until she has had at least one orgasm, I come up and fuck her for a bit, then I pull out and lay on my back and she sucks my cock for a bit – I really don’t care if she sucks me, it’s just a prelude to her fingering my asshole, which is all I really want, but let her suck my cock, she likes to do that.

I can’t believe how easy it is to find guys to fuck than it is to find girls to fuck! I’ve had late teenage boys who want to try being gay, having gay sex because it’s the in thing to do now, to twenty somethings, middle aged men my age and older guys, in their fifties and sixties who like gay sex, it’s fucking great! My older guy came by, and while he is older, older shape/physique and a few sags here and there, he’s got a great cock and loves to pump ass! I rode his cock on top of him until he said he wanted to fuck my ass doggy-style.

Unfortunately I didn’t wrangle up any cock for Tuesday, but Wednesday I found a couple – gay guys – that wanted to come over to fuck me.

He slammed his cock inside me and I buried my face in the pillows aiming my ass up high.

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I took a cock in my mouth and slurped on it tasting cum and ass on it as the big cock pushed inside me.

Then as another inch of his cock eased inside me I felt the grip on my hips tighten and I knew what was coming.

I love getting fucked in the ass, where it’s by a real cock or a dildo, I’ll fuck anything or anyone! She started getting a little aggressive, pumping me very hard, leaning in over me and putting all her weight on her hips and pumped me almost as hard as my gay lovers did earlier.

“You fuck cock better than I do!” she said pulling out of my ass.

“Mmm, yeah, you love cock in that little gay hole of yours don’t you?!” she asked.

“You love cock in your gay hole don’t you!” she asked again.

“Do you like real cock or my dildo better?” she asked.
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