Asa Akira – Oil spills

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Asa Akira – Oil spills
あさあきら – 油流出

Akira’s eyes glittered staring into slowly rotting eyes that had wax flesh eye lids had risen.

“Your not getting out of these chains or this body until I let you out. What really sucks is when the sun comes up you’ll have no power. You’ll just sit there like a doll. So you help me? And I’ll help you.” she said slowly lifting her hips over the animal cock and rubbing herself against it.

Sliding her red lace thong away from her garden she slipped on top of the phallus slowly gasping, her pussy dripping with anticipation as goosebumps covered her skin.

“Dont you want to finish?” she asked slowly gyrating.

Her hands on its shoulders she lowered herself eye level with the large member with a stumpy head. Her tongue slowly slid out licking the head. The demon growled with slight pleasure.

The demon slowly pressed its hand on her head again this time merely enjoying the feeling.

A glossy translucent white slowly leaked from her mouth, a strand of cum from on cheek bone to the bridge of her nose.

“Well you know what? I made a deal with Balban. And he would like to say a few things. She threw him into the tub. His head crashing against the side. Danny’s eyes slowly opened seeing a long line of blood draining into the tub. His legs dangling off the side. He slowly got up his head pounding. The room was completely dark, he pulled his phone and activated the homescreen. 8:35PM He turned on the light going to stand. However his legs immediately gave in. He crashed to the ground. His phone hit the floor sliding a few feet. His legs tingled as blood rushed back into them.”Fuckin’ bitch!” he snapped looking around.

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” the doll suddenly growled, its head lifting, tilting slowly and looking directly at him.
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