Backroom Casting Couch

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Backroom Casting Couch
The day at Hogsmeade was nowhere as enjoyable as Harry, Ron and Hermione had thought it would be.

Eventually, Hermione gave up and left the Three Broom Sticks with Harry and Ron trailing her.

Dumbledore left moments later and Harry, Ron and Hermione started in on their giant of a friend about returning as their Care of Magical Creatures teacher.

‘Come on Hagrid! We don’t care that your half-giant!’ pleaded Hermione, as Harry and Ron whispered to each other behind Hermione and Hagrid’s back.

The potion would render Hermione unconscious for a few seconds while the potion took effect and turned Hermione into a complete slut.

Hermione failed to notice Ron pouring the small vial of potion into her pumpkin juice as she continued to argue with Hagrid.

‘Uh Hermione Uh Are you alright there!’ Hagrid said, as Hermione’s head slumped, while the potion took effect.

Unfortunately for Hermione however, the one potion Ron had brewed by himself for the trip to Hogsmeade, was the only one brewed incorrectly.

‘Oh Shit!’ cried Ron, realizing that the potion Hermione had consumed had not done what it had promised to do.

As Hagrid walked over to Hermione to see what was wrong with her, Harry eyed Ron questioningly.

‘Hagrid We’ll go get a potion from Madam Pomfrey You stay here and make sure Hermione’s alright!’ Harry said to Hagrid, as he grabbed Ron by the scruff of his collar and dragged him from the Hagrid’s hut.

‘Wait Ron You go ahead We don’t need two people to get a single potion I’ll go back and help Hagrid with Hermione, okay?’ Harry said to Ron as they approached the castle in a run.

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‘What? Okay, whatever!’ sighed Ron, too concerned about Hermione’s welfare to think about anything else.

Harry had been too caught up with Hermione’s welfare at the beginning to consider the plan, but after careful consideration on the way to the castle, Harry felt it was a perfect opportunity to get his rocks off with Hermione and nobody would ever know.
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