Beautiful fatty with studd

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Beautiful fatty with studd
When Russell pulled his cum covered cock out, zipped up and sat back in his seat she quickly spun around with a leg either side of Greg’s body then sat up to unzip him and pulled his cock out but Greg stayed soft after a couple of minutes of nothing happening he zipped himself up again so Mike said ” I’ll swap seats with you Greg, go on, let me have a go, go on, go on” Now I must say that Mike was a scrawny geek of a kid who, even if your being kind, was as ugly as a hat full of arseholes, so Greg looked at Onion but she just looked back nonchalantly so Greg moved out of the seat and Mike was soon trying to tug his pants down as he got between her legs and then lay down humping at her.

Onion walked back out with her skirt and top back on and sat on the lounge to light up a smoke, Russell scooted over in front of her and lifted her dress so Onion moved her bum to the edge of the seat and then laid back against the back of the couch.

As soon as Russell pulled out Greg knelt between her legs and started furiously fucking her pushing the cum out of her and all over the inside of her dress which was pushed up in front but draped over the front of the couch in back.

As my moisture got spread around and over the hard shiny plastic of the gear knob I moved up a bit and pushed the knob half way in to me loving the way the knob vibrations were feeling and would have engulfed it except the angle was all wrong and the gear stick was hitting me between my pussy and bum, I grabbed James to find him as hard as a rock so with a bit of difficulty I unzipped him and pulled his cock out then started stroking him until he had to pull over.

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Debra jumped in the back and pulled Gary in with her and I noticed Gary had his cock out as he spooned his girlfriend sliding it between her legs with her breathing hard and watching our genitals intently.

James moved out from under me and as I laid on my back the other guy moved towards me so I just opened my knees and watched as he pulled his pants to his knees and inserted his huge dick in to me I had never felt one so big but it slipped in easily making me feel quite stretched causing me to exclaim a loud “Uggh” as it hit the bottom of my pussy with a couple of inches still to go.
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