Beautiful Sex with Jenny Blighe

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Beautiful Sex with Jenny Blighe

Zach knocked on Jenny’s door and said, “Come on Jenny. I am really looking forward to taking pictures at the beach.” ” Just a second , Zach.

“Your face is beautiful!” Jenny smiled and said, “Thank you Zach. I think you will enjoy the rest of me, too.” The beach was only a half hour away.

“Well, Zach, what do you think?” asked Jenny.

Jenny asked, “Zach, can we stay and tan for awhile?” She took out a large beach towel and laid down.

After a few more minutes Jenny asked, ” Zach should I put some lotion on your back? Looks like your getting red.

After their parents left Saturday morning, Zach and Jenny headed out to the mall.

Jenny said, “Zach, I think we should go home right away and do the shoot while my hair and makeup are perfect.” Zach could hardly wait to see Jenny in the sexy underwear.

“Thank you, Zach, for making me your model. You are the best brother in the world. But I’m really tired. Can you just hold me and we can take a nap?” Zach took her in his arms and they fell asleep.

One night Zach was resting on his bed preparation for a jerk off session with his favorite photo of Jenny.

“Zach, how about looking at me instead of a picture tonight?” asked Jenny.

” Jenny pulled off Zach’s underwear and sat next to him.

” “That’s Ok Zach. That will really be exciting.” Occasionally Jenny would lean over and give her brother a kiss.

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Zach looked at Jenny’s beautiful face and said, “My turn.

“Jenny said, “I’ll get ready while you set up your camera and lights.” Zach wanted to make Jenny comfortable so he stripped off all of his clothes.

Then Jenny knocked on the bedroom door and said , ” I have a little surprise for you Zach.” When she walked in he noticed she had no pubic hair.

Zach felt her body arch and Jenny was moaning with pleasure.

Zach positioned Jenny so he could watch his cock sink into his sister.

With Zach’s cock still inside of her, Jenny said, ” Zach, you were incredible.

” Jenny returned the compliment, “Zach knows how to satisfy me in bed.

” Seventeen YEARS LATER Cindy and Bob and Zach and Jenny had decided to make a weekend getaway to Las Vegas.
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