Beautiful wife with 2 black lovers

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Beautiful wife with 2 black lovers
“Mmm. That’s so nice baby, you know what I like!” Jack moaned, Diana knew exactly what her adult lover liked, she lapped her tongue over his nut sack, then gently sucked his nuts.

Jack smiles with complete satisfaction, watching his innocent looking girlfriend engulf his thick cock between her full pink lips.

Jack thrust his cock deeper, the passionate kissing quells her moans.

They kiss once more, Diana’s slightly shorter then Jack, he has to lean his head down to kiss her.

“Wow now that’s what I call making love. You made me feel like a grown woman baby.” “Well thank you baby, I thought you’d like it.” Jack kissed her cheek.

What Jack doesn’t see is his old friends spirit fading back to the other side, behind the thin vale separating the world of the living from the world of the dead. Jack sat next her, he kissed lips and pulled her to him holding her tightly.

“Don’t kill your self baby just suck me!!” Jack was completely turned on by her efforts to give him a nasty porn star style blow job.
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