BFFS – Fucked My Sister and Her friends While They Played Games

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BFFS – Fucked My Sister and Her friends While They Played Games
Mandy said, “We aren’t in the mood for anything that requires a lot of thought. We want to play a game like war.” I was thinking, “This blows,” but I guess I am still here with these beautiful ladies, so I should just go along with whatever they want.

Maria said, “We play strip poker at school from time to time.” Christina jumped in, “It’s not as crazy as it sounds, though.” Mandy said, “Our parents have sent us to schools for girls ever since we were in kindergarten.” Christina continued, “.

Mandy said, “Maybe sometime we can play strip poker here with you.” “Yeah” I said as I rolled my eyes, “Don’t get me wrong. I would love to play, but I really don’t believe that you even played it at school. You don’t look the type.” They looked at one another and started smiling.

Mandy said, “We were serious about not wanting to play poker today, so strip poker is out.” I started to say something, but she interrupted and said, “So how about strip war?” My mouth fell open.

Suddenly, my cock sprang up and hit Mandy on the lips.

” Mandy said, “Is it that you don’t like me? And you want to let me down gently.

” Mandy said, “And we could put it all over you and us girls could eat it off?” I smiled and nodded.

Mandy, would you please help me take off, um, everything?” Mandy said, “I would be more than happy to help you.

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Mandy started talking to my cock, “We will be seeing you very soon.

All of us were following her lead. BEST DAY EVER!!! With the girls’ attention on me, Mandy took the opportunity to wink at me and mouthed “I love you.

Mandy moved over to her right, but she never gave up control of my cock.

Mandy suddenly took more of me in her mouth and started to bob her head. She seemed to really getting into it.

Mandy slowly stroked my hard cock while I was watching Maria strip down to her tank top and thong.

Mandy unbelievably released my cock and Maria picked up where Mandy left off.

Mandy got up from the couch and started walking towards Selena and Christina.
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