BFFS – Hot Cheer Sluts Flash & Fuck Coach

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BFFS – Hot Cheer Sluts Flash & Fuck Coach
Jennifer asked, “So what did you do to piss off Coach, Theresa?” “Oh, I was chewing gum again and Coach finally caught me. I guess she takes that rule seriously after all,” she said.

After a couple of laps, Jennifer started to get ahead of Theresa, though she could hear her keeping pace a few feet behind her.

Jennifer let the water flow over her face and down her naked body.

Jennifer crossed over to the other side and asked to her face, “What is it?” “N- nothing,” she stammered, and timidly turned her head down and away from Jennifer.

“Hey,” Jennifer said, putting her hand under Teresa’s chin and pushing her head back up to face her own.

As the water cascaded over both of them, their arms went around each other and pulled their naked bodies tightly together, with one of Teresa’s hands on the back on Jennifer’s head and the other roaming downwards to squeeze her ass.

Jennifer moaned encouragement, “Mmmmm, yeees, suck my titties baby. Lick those boobs.” Theresa let her hands drift downwards across Jennifer’s toned belly, but seemed reluctant to let her mouth follow.

“Now.” Theresa dove in and licked her pussy with a ferocity that surprised Jennifer.

Jennifer sat up and pulled Theresa’s face to hers, reuniting their lips.

Jennifer made her tongue dance on Theresa’s tits and reached down with her hand to rub her clit through her thick bush.

Jennifer moved quickly down to replace her finger with her tongue, and pushed her finger into the girl’s tight slit.

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“Fuck! Fuck! Holy shit! Fuuuck!” Jennifer felt her tremble beneath her as Theresa came hard with a loud scream.

As Theresa panted to catch her breath, Jennifer moved up over her and kissed her again.

Theresa sat up beside her and asked, “You said you were curious. What that your first time?” “With another girl, yes,” Jennifer confirmed.

“You bet your sweet ass we’re gonna fuck again,” Jennifer said, before leaning over to give Theresa another passionate kiss.
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