BFFS – Hot Soccer Chicks Fucked by Coach

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BFFS – Hot Soccer Chicks Fucked by Coach
Jay stared at Faith’s nice little pussy and loved to see her little bit of pubic hair just above her pussy lips.

Jay looked down and watched Faith enjoy his cock while she was still dripping wet.

Faith helped Jay strip off his clothes and join the naked girl teen orgy.

Jay bent down on his knees and put his arm around Faith and brought her body close to his face.

Jay put his hands on Faith’s ass and squeezed it gently.

Faith opened her legs and Jay lifted one up as she picked it up and rested it on a bench.

Jay decided to get daring and he began to play with Faith’s ass hole and probe it with one finger.

The girls began to moan louder and Faith said “Hannah need to join the club Jay” and Jay stood up and looked at Hannah and she quickly figured out what was about to take place.

Hannah laid there recovering from her cum and Jay went over to Faith began to kiss her and feel her pussy up with his hands.

Faith grabbed his cock and whispered in his ear “Now it’s my turn baby.” Faith climbed on a bench and got on her hands and knees and stuck her ass out at Jay and wiggled it teasing him.

Faith began to moan and say more stuff out loud to Jay.

“Yes!” Faith said as she felt Jay play with her ass some.

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“Turn over” Jay suggested to Faith as he pulled out of her wet pussy.

Faith quickly got into position and lifted her legs up in the air as Jay slide his dick back into her pussy.

Hannah recovered from her cum and was ready for more fun as she got up and walked over to Faith and stood over her face facing up toward her head. Jay admired Hannah’s ass and watched her lower it down to Faith’s mouth.

Jay grabbed one of Faith’s legs and held it up against him while he pounded her harder.

Faith began to moan and she said “Oh god, I’m gonna cum!” Jay got excited by her announcement and pumped her harder.

Jay looked over at Faith and smiled and then he saw a big drip of cum slide out from Faith’s asshole.
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