Blonde Amateur Surprised By Real Orgasms

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Blonde Amateur Surprised By Real Orgasms
“Are you going to tell me where we are going?” “Nope!” Cindy grinned.

Cindy rang the bell and it was opened by a tall, statuesque redhead. “You must be Cindy, please come in.

“Hey, isn’t anyone going to keep me warm?” They laughed and Cindy gave me something to think about.

Okay action!” Cindy stood behind Katy, staring at her ass for a few seconds.

” Smack! Cindy threw her first bare-handed spank onto Katy’s ass.

” Smack! Smack! Cindy started raining her bare-handed slaps down onto Katy’s delectable little ass.

” While Cindy removed the strap on I continued with Katy.

” “What about your ass? Will it fit in your ass?” Katy looked up with big eyes.

” Cindy moved over Katy and lowered herself to Katy’s waiting mouth.

” Cindy took them and placed Katy’s feet under her armpits, putting Katy’s deliciously wet pussy on full display.

” I thought she might get up from where she was still hovering slightly over Katy, but instead Cindy just turned around and got on all fours, her pussy still about 6 inches over Katy’s face.

“Oh, fuck!” Cindy groaned as we both felt Katy’s tongue under us, licking her clit and my shaft as it disappeared into her.

Cindy remained in that position and I could see the cameras getting close-ups of Cindy’s messy cunt.

A small trickle of my cum started leaking out so Cindy suddenly rose up and flipped over next to Katy on her back.

“You know what to do!” Katy slowly leaned over and started lapping up the cum that was running down Cindy’s ass, licking up thru her pussy and gathering all the escaping spunk.

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Suddenly, Cindy announced she was cumming again and Katy latched onto Cindy’s clit, causing her to cum and squirm and spasm under her until she pushed her away.

“It’s been a long afternoon and Michelle and I are getting tired from holding those cameras, so let’s take a break and we’ll discuss the next scene, okay?” We nodded and Katy and Cindy put on their robes.
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