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“The way they bounce… They are perfect.” A thrill ran through me, the memory of my mom’s bouncing tits flaring in my mind, even as I scowled and said, “Naw, no way my mom’s the hottest. She’s my mom.” “Oh, she is the hottest,” Rick laughed, the ginger sitting on Noah’s bed, XBox controller gripped in his hand.

“Henry, your mom has tits to die for.” I couldn’t let my friends know I had the hots for my mom, too, that I masturbated to her more than any other woman I knew.

“Vato, you think you can stare at my mom’s ass without getting your ass whooped.” “You’re talking about my his mom’s tits and panting after Noah’s fine-assed mother,” Rick said, shrugging and still playing Call of Duty.

“Staring at pics of Teo’s mom?” Noah asked, leaning over to look over my shoulder.

“God, look at Henry, he’s drooling over Teo’s mom,” Noah said, snatching up his controller.

“Rick, Noah, do you ever jerk off to your own mom?” Needles stabbed into my brain.

Then Rick’s redheaded mother sauntered through my thoughts, joining Noah’s blonde mom and my busty mother.

Noah bolted to his feet, running over to his mom to grab her blouse.

“Mom!” Noah groaned, his voice so throaty.

My cock, Mom.” “Oh, my god,” she groaned and began stripping faster.

My mom… “Fuck!” I groaned as my orgasm exploded through me.

Mom’s tongue swept across the sensitive tip of my dick while my cock ached and throbbed, staying hard in her mouth.

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” “Yes, Mom,” croaked Noah as she, too, fell onto her hands and knees.

“Oh, Mom, your cunt!” “Your dick, honey!” she whimpered, slamming her hips back into me, our flesh slapping together.

” “Just like you are, Mom,” Noah groaned.

” My mom shivered, her pussy clenching on my still-hard dick.

We need a club to celebrate it?’ “A club, vato?” Teo asked as my mom crawled off my dick.
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