Booty Meat Sandwich for Lucky Stud

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Booty Meat Sandwich for Lucky Stud
“It’ll help in tweaking our own stuff, and maybe there’ll be something we can just use as-is.” Claudia helped Zoe remove the dress, and the junior put on her bra again.

Dean trailed after Zoe in bemusement as she practically dragged him toward the Administration building.

Unable to wait any longer, Zoe pulled the card free and rushed to the changing room, catching Dean still half-clad. “You’re beautiful,” she cried, kissing him again and stroking the erection jutting from his shorts.

Zoe waved goodbye to a startled Nancy as they exited the building, but Dean had eyes only for the girl walking beside him.

“We have never had a problem with it.” “How long does it take?” If it got him closer to real sex with Zoe, Dean was sold.

“Stick with something reasonable, Zoe; you want to be ready for Dean, not some fucking horse. Paige, I guess you could get something bigger if you wanted.” Zoe looked over the dildoes, trying to concentrate on ones that looked about the same size as Dean, but she was reluctant to pick up one while people were watching her.

Zoe slammed the empty glass on the table and glared at Dean.

Zoe looked at Dean and smiled despite her intention to be angry with him.

“God help you, you are so fucking innocent. Come on, let’s go.” Zoe kissed Dean goodnight – passionately, with serious tongue – and the girls started cross campus to pick up Zoe’s clothes.

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“You haven’t fucked him yet?! What the fuck are you waiting for, Zoe? You know Mariah’s probably back there right now, making a fucking wet spot on his leg, right? I don’t think ‘wait’ is in her fucking vocabulary.” Zoe looked like she might cry as Claudia’s surmise hit her secret fears head-on.

“Dean thinks I’m hot,” Zoe whispered.

Sinking naked on her bed, Zoe imagined Dean the way she’d seen him that night.
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