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boy fuck her when plays with girlfrend
I quickly pulled out my cock and started stroking it, knowing that I wouldn’t need a Facebook image today.

My cock grew harder and harder as Emma’s words raced through my mind.

My grip on my cock tightened and I pumped it even faster.

“We both know that you think I’m hot.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said, feeling my cock start to betray me.

I grabbed her by the hips and yanked her back, thrusting my hard cock into her simultaneously.

Emma groaned as my cock slid in between her leggings-covered ass cheeks.

Our breathing was getting heavier, and I could feel my eyes rolling back into my head. She was gyrating on my cock, perfectly utilizing all those dance moves to get me off.

Her eyes turned to my still very hard cock trying to force its way out of my pants.

Emma could tell I was enjoying it and squeezed her pussy around my cock even more, causing me to moan.

“Do you like my pussy, virgin?” she taunted whilst slowly starting to bounce on my cock.

Her pussy continued to rise and fall on my cock, and I continued to thrust to meet her, albeit poorly without the help of my hands.

“Maybe I’ll let you earn your freedom.” She squeezed my cock with her pussy again as she pulled up off it until just the tip was in, holding there.

“Oh yeahhhhhhh, fffffuck me!” she moaned as her body shuddered on my cock.

I breathed deeply and lined my cock up with her hole once again.

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She wiggled her ass back onto my cock, but I pulled back further, not ready to let her have the satisfaction.

She tightened her muscles on my cock yet again in response.

“What the f-” I then slammed my cock back inside her before she could finish her sentence, knocking the wind out of her.

My cock picked up speed, plunging deeper and deeper.

” I took a hand and spanked her ass again and again as my cock slammed into her.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her pussy squeezed my cock as hard as it could.
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