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Div made the connection, and Helen answered within a few rings, saying she was pleased to hear back from her again, after Joyce had introduced herself, but her voice sounded uneasy, so Joyce asked if it was OK to talk, or if it was an inconvenient moment.

Helen would need to regain title from the foreclosure proceedings in order to pursue her side of the sale, and Joyce had very much wanted to make a gesture of appreciation to the pioneer spirit that had built America.

There would be no problem with that at all, Joyce assured Helen, in fact she’d consider it a great honour to have her visit for as long as she wanted, and as far as end of life arrangements were concerned, Joyce felt that Helen had more right than anyone to rest with her family.

Helen came back on the line as Joyce watched her on the cctv lay back, with the phone to her hear, and the nurses spread her knees really wide apart.

Helen had apologised for the slight interruption, telling Joyce that her nurse had discovered another good reason to maul her private area, and to please excuse any squeaks she might hear.

Helen’s voice kept fluctuating with each movement, and Joyce would ask if it was hurting, and how far had it been pushed inside her, Helen answering each question without complaint.

While Div went about his investigations, Joyce was fascinated to watch how casually the staff came and adjusted the sheet beneath Helen, moving her into more revealing positions, but never covering her nudity, although the housekeeper did stroke the stack of clamps.

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“It’s a shopping list!” Joyce exclaimed, “They’re being sent requirements, then finding suitable patients to build a specific treatment regimen around. I said this was much too organised to be a casual hobby, it’s engineered, all of it.” Div couldn’t see any evidence to support Joyce’s claim, and told her so, asking for her deductive reasoning, so that he could verify it.
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