Bratty Sis – dared to watch bff fuck my brother

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Bratty Sis – dared to watch bff fuck my brother
“I’m so numb down there,” she moaned as Clint adjusted her panties about her hips and pussy.

Clint pulled out the third one, orange flavor, and grinned at his mother.

“Oh, my god. Please, Clint.” “Yes, big brother,” moaned Alicia, tears falling down her cheeks, making her look so cute.

“Look at her, Clint. She needs it badly.” “So I should eat her cunt out first?” Clint asked, staring at our little sister with hungry eyes.

Clint leaned down and licked, moaning in delight as he lapped at her vulva.

“Cupcake, you were so sexy.” “Uh-huh,” Clint said, his lips smeared with red-dyed pussy juices.

“Cum on his face, big sister.” Alicia snuggled closer, lips stained red from Clint’s kiss.

Her hand touched my thigh, stroking me while Clint’s tongue reamed into the depths of my pussy.

My aching pussy spasmed, forcing the grape juices deep in my cunt into Clint’s hungry mouth.

“Did you piss yourself?” “Clint just made me very wet.” Alicia giggled, nodding her head. “He’s good at that,” Aunt Cheryl said, a husky tone to her voice.

“Why are you three acting so strange?” “Clint’s finally become the man of the house,” Aunt Cheryl said with a smile that could only be described as…horny.

As Clint dragged me to the couch, everyone watching, that warm itch began in my pussy.

“Spank her ass hard, Clint. She needs discipline.” “Oh, you bitch,” I hissed at my sister.

“First, Melody gets to spank you five times for calling her a bitch,” Clint said, pinching my ass and making me squirm, my pussy growing hotter.

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Now my sister would spank me? My older, bitch of a sister? “Oh, thank you,” cooed Melody, pressing closer to Clint.

My sister just spanked my ass on Clint’s command.

“Thank you, Clint!” Smack! My bucking body rubbed my hot cunt on my sister’s digits.

“Thank you, Clint!” She found my clit, massaging it as my ass ached.

My pussy clenched so hard on Clint’s dick as my sister twisted my nipples.

” “Yes,” Clint growled, driving his dick into me.
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