Bratty Sis – Dick In A Box Christmas Present By Pervy

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Bratty Sis – Dick In A Box Christmas Present By Pervy

“Ok, enough about your mom. I need you to fuck me Chris! And hard!” Chris nodded his head. “How do you-” “I want you behind me!” she answered, pushing him away so that she could get on her knees.

While his mouth and tongue remained hidden in my sister’s ass, Chris was pumping his own cock, getting himself ready.

In an instant, I had pushed Chris’ hand aside, wrapping my mouth around his cock.

Even with his own mouth completely covered, I could hear Chris moan with each squeezing motion of my throat.

“You heard your aunt honey, pop her anal cherry just like you did with mommy!” Chris took a few deep breaths, inching himself closer until he palmed her ass with hand and guided his cock with the other.

“Mommy wants a taste!” I exclaimed, getting Chris to pull completely out.

“So much easier now!” “Stop messing around Jen! I need Chris’ cock back in me!” I didn’t deny her any longer, knowing we would end up wrestling again if I tried.

Without even being asked, Chris began slowly fucking her ass, picking up a good rhythm.

Lily looked shocked, turning her attention to Chris who was just as speechless, his face red from embarrassment.

The sudden explosion startled me, causing me to jump even tighter into Chris’ embrace.

In my haste to see Chris I had left his door ajar, instead of closing it shut completely.

Uuughh, how could I make such a simple mistake! Chris and I both completely froze, staring at Jessie in disbelief, not sure of what to do.

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“Mom, Chris is too old to be kissed by you!” she smiled brightly, still giggling.

“Go back to kissing Chris!” Almost instantly I stopped, holding her little shoulders still and giving her a huge smile before moving back towards Chris.

Chris moved forward with me, pulling my right leg up and feeling my thigh at the same time.

“Did you just take these?” “Yup, a few weeks ago! I hope you like it!” Chris was too busy sifting through the photos to register what I had said.

Chris hastily fumbled around with the camera, learning some of the functions and taking a few test shots before redirecting his attention to me.

Chris continued to stare at me in lust, not moving as he watched me make out with my feet.

“Mom could you turn around?” Before I could even answer, Chris was already flipping me over.

Chris didn’t respond verbally, just pulling me towards him so that my foot could reach his mouth.
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