Bratty Sis – Step Siblings Fight Over Who Can Make Her Cum!

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Bratty Sis – Step Siblings Fight Over Who Can Make Her Cum!
Jazlyn: Look Jack I need to get some actual sleep tonight, I love talking to you but good night Jack: Good Night Jazlyn The next morning Jazlyn was gone before I woke up.

We sat down and ate and I ate about 3 times what she did now satisfied I moved to the couch Jazlyn: hey you working today Jack: naw, why you wanna do something? Jazlyn: maybe, but I don’t know Jack: wanna go out for a walk Jazlyn: walk where? Jack: the park we used to play as kids? Jazlyn: I don’t know it’s kinda hot day.

Jack: come on for old times’ sake it will be fun going down memory lane Jazlyn: fine but we’re driving Jack: okay shotgun Jazlyn: what screw that I want to be the passenger Jack: to late Jazlyn: you drive me around or I’m not going Jake: fine you little cry baby Jazlyn: thanks bro I thought to myself she’s damn lucky she is cute.

Jack: alright let’s go I want to walk through the old path we used to take with mom and dad as kids Jazlyn: alright We left the cool air condition car and stepped into the heat of the sun barring on our skin Jack: Did you put sunscreen on, your skin is far to light you will turn into a tomato Jazlyn: yesss unlike you I don’t forget it Jack: I don’t need it Jazlyn: tell me that when you have skin cancer We proceeding to walk the parks path reminiscing about our parents and how much fun we had we laughed and joked around with each other at the end of the park we got to the play structure we used to play at.

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We sat on a close park bench Jack: crazy how much time we spent hear Jazlyn: yes, playing pretend Jack: wasn’t pretend it was getting us ready for well this situation Jazlyn: well yes I guess, but you were still an annoying little shit Jack: oh yeah well you were a giant bitch to me Jazlyn: so why did you play with me? Jack: cause you were all I had Jazlyn: really? I think its cause you loved me Jack: you wish, you were a dick to me growing up Jazlyn: sure, I know you looked up to and loved your big sis Jack: mhmm keep telling yourself that I knew she was right it was never an attraction but I always looked up to her almost put her on a pedestal.
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