Bratty Sis – step Sister And BFF Fall For step Brothers Sex Games

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Bratty Sis – step Sister And BFF Fall For step Brothers Sex Games
“Sounds like fun.” My sis says back with a big grin.

“Want us to try them on for you.” She says back with a winkie face.

“Mmmmm baby you know mama loves that big dick too much, don’t do that to me.” She replies back.

“Alright sweetie.” Mom says back as my sis walks to the bathroom.

Completely turned around facing me again there’s only 2 strings that go from front to back not covering anything.

I’m watching my sis and her eyes start to roll back as my mom’s hands find her pussy.

“Mmmmmm fuck baby! Just like that! Yes! Yes! Yes! She moans out throwing her head back then back to my sisters pussy.

Taking long strokes then plunging back in I felt her juices start to run down my balls.

“Fuck me more!” I didn’t hesitate and slammed my dick back into her pussy.

So my view right now is my mom’s round ass and dripping pussy right above my sis with her legs spread. I move closer and I could see Jamie’s face looking right at me as I grab the back of both her knees to hold them there.

” Neither one hesitated as my mom layed flat on her back with her head towards the headboard.

A quick moment she looked back at me with a sexy smile.

Balls deep in her pussy she rocks herself back and forth grinding hard on me.

” Mom says as she grabs the back of Jamie’s head pulling her to her pussy.

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Still holding the back of Jamie’s head I feel her mouth and tongue on the tip.

Maybe 10 seconds after that she sits back down on it screaming like she wants to cum again.

“Ohhhhhhhh Fuck I’m almost there! I’m gonna cumm! I’m gonna cum!” Not holding back anymore I unload. Before the first shot it poured out of dick like I had just started peeing landing and running down my mom’s face first.

Their tongues back and forth on each others nipples, both hands rubbing their own pussy.
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