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Most of all, she should have noticed how her new brother and twin sisters stared at her at supper, how the twins sat on either side of their brother at the dinner table, how each of the twins only kept one hand above the table, and how when dinner ended and she retired to her new room, she glanced back and saw a white stain on the kitchen floor, an erection precariously perched in her new brother’s shorts, and how each twin still had a hand on each of his thighs, stroking and massaging them as though to congratulate him for being such a good sport.

“Good little cunt. Now open up so we can see.” “I think the others are really gonna love this, right sis?” “Oh, I’m sure they will. Let’s get some sleep. The boys and us have got a big day tomorrow. It’ll just be her and the twins with the house to themselves all day. And grab those cuffs too hun so the poor girl can get some decent sleep.” Wednesday: The next morning, she awoke to find the twins naked in her bed, each clinging softly to either side of her as she stared at the ceiling.

“How rough are they with you guys?” “Not so bad anymore.” “Yeah,” said the other twin, now awake too, “It was a lot worse in the beginning. Dad used to beat us because we kept trying to protect each other.” “What changed?” The first twin frowned at the unpleasant memories.

With one twin wrapped around her abdomen kissing and nibbling every patch of skin in sight, the other twin between her legs hitting nerves deep in her pussy that she didn’t even know she had, she had such an intense all-encompassing orgasm that she had only begun to notice the rush of blood to her ears before her vision faded and she blacked out.

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Recognizing the game the twin was playing with her, she lifted the back of the first twin’s dress and began caressing her voluptuous, firm, round ass.

One of the twins knelt down before him and began giving him head. The other twin lay back on the bed before him, spreading her legs, and began finger-fucking herself.
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