Charlie Laine Tied To Bed And Fucked By Machine

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Charlie Laine Tied To Bed And Fucked By Machine
Upon closer inspection, the ship was actually one of the war ships used to transport oversized weapons during the war.

One of them walked me further in the ship and once I lost view of the ground, the guard took out a needle “This is nutrition to support your body for the long flight Mr. Halls” I was suspicious but nonetheless let him inject it in me.

Each of our ‘penis pumps’ automatically started to ‘grow’ a transparent tube towards the huge container all the way up at the ceiling.

After a few moments, all the pumps had a tube connected to the ceiling, it was like a monster which had thousands of tentacles raping us for our cum.

The machine then started to suck on every single tube there is.

The force was mild but already, I saw some tubes filled with creamy cum being sucked up the tubes.

The machine seemed to have read my mind, a light green viscous liquid was released from the container on the ceiling into selected tubes, I was one of them.

Then smaller tubes were deployed into the tubes which had the green gooey liquid.

The smaller tubes were much thinner and about half a centimeter in diameter, as it got closer to my dick, I saw that it had a rounded head. To my surprise it was inserted into my urethra! My pee hole! I never thought of masturbating that way.

It felt heavenly, and I heard gasping around the room the moment the tube went in.

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Even I was moaning myself! It felt like fucking, it felt like I was the one being fucked! The smaller tubes began to move in and out my dick at a moderate speed, I could feel the texture of the tube inside my cock.

Slowly, the tube picked up speed and was moving at a fair rate.

I have no idea how, but the pump-like container itself started to move thrusting up and down my rock hard cock simultaneously with the smaller tube.

My eyes were closed as I tried to imagine a hot girl sucking me off, and then I felt it.

I opened my eyes and saw yet another tubing device from the ceiling with a tongue like structure and sucking system, it was extremely real and just made me hornier.
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