Chic Anal Sex with Marcelin Abadir

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Chic Anal Sex with Marcelin Abadir
“Little slut like you, dressed like that, thinks she can do whatever she wants. Well, miss, just because you got a hot ass doesn’t mean you can break the law. There are consequences.” “Punishments,” growled Officer Murphy.

I trembled as Officer Lassiter twisted and played with my nipples, massaging them as this incredible bliss surged out of my pussy.

Would he fuck my virgin pussy with his hard cock? Was I finally going to get pounded by my first dick while I sucked on another cock? I gasped as Officer Murphy ripped the vibrator out of my pussy.

I whimpered around Officer Lassiter’s big dick, sucking hard as I squealed.

Officer Murphy rammed his dick into my spasming twat.

Another orgasm burst inside of me, my pussy writhing about the dick taking my virginity.

“You should try her pussy!” groaned Officer Murphy.

“I’ve never been in cunt this tight. Barely legal pussy is amazing!” I moaned and whimpered around Officer Lassiter’s dick as Officer Murphy fucked my spasming pussy.

Every time Officer Murphy slammed into my cunt, his crotch smacked my ass and pushed the vibrator just a little bit deeper into me.

I wiggled my hips, stirring my convulsing cunt around officer Murphy’s big dick.

“God fucking damn,” Officer Murphy growled as he fucked my pussy.

My ass burned with every impact of Officer Murphy’s crotch.

“What a tight cunt. Oh, god, I can’t take much more of this pussy.” “Fucking cum in her twat! Just flood the little whore!” Officer Lassiter gripped my hair, pulling on it.

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As Officer Lassiter’s juices dripped on my face, my cunt milked Officer Murphy’s dick dry.

Officer Murphy ripped his dick out of my spasming pussy, the vibrator still buzzing away in my asshole.

SMACK! My ass stung from officer Murphy’s spank as he grunted, “Shut up, Slut.” Officer Washington chuckled.

My pussy spasmed so hard, aching to be filled with anything.

“I’m dying from ecstasy! Keep fucking me! Don’t stop!” “Just punishing that tight, young ass!” he growled, drilling his dick so hard into my bowels.

“That was a workout. Her ass was tighter than a bankers fist.” “Only question, what are we going to do with the little whore?” said Officer Murphy.

It ran down to my pussy, mixing with Officer Murphy’s.
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