Classy italian love affair

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Classy italian love affair
“Thank you” Lidia blurted, looking to me very quickly, and then back to Rach.

“Don’t worry Big Bro” Rach said, guessing my worry, and pressing herself into me, “I turned off your webcam, and she’s sleeping like the dead anyway.” she finished, gesturing with her eyes over her shoulder to my computer, which showed Lidia, asleep on her bed, one of my t-shirts, her only covering.

Rach seemed confused for just a moment tipping her head down to look up at from under her brow, cast me a grin so evil I felt the challenge to hold up my end of the game, and answered throatily “Yes Master.” Sitting up also, gathering myself for the roll, I commanded “Strip for your Master.” Beaming with excitement, Rach jumped off the bed.

Rach, on the opposite side of the bed from the webcam, reached across Lidia’s upturned hip, and slowly, watching Lidia’s face as she worked, began lifting my shirt over her hip, stopping when it resisted at her waist.

Lidia, though tall, was very thin; my shirt draped her loosely, making it easy for Rach to easily bring it up, revealing Lidia’s flat stomach.

Unable to still them, Rach slid her hands, under the shirt, up Lidia’s back, managing as she did, to lever the shirt up in back onto Lidia’s shoulders.

Refocusing back onto Lidia, I watched as Rach lifted Lidia’s arm, slowly raising it to set it over Lidia’s head, hiding her face from my view.

With Lidia’s arm up, Rach managed to stretch my shirt in such a way, that she could pull Lidia’s arm down, and out.

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Rach crept, on unsteady feet, around to my side of Lidia’s bed, and gently lifted Lidia’s legs at the knees, attempting to roll her over.

Rach wasn’t kidding when she said Lidia was ‘dead to the world’ I thought, marveling at her yielding body as Rach, with increasing boldness, positioned her in a mirror of her previous position.

Just as Rach managed to get the front above Lidia’s head, Lidia turned away, rolling her head out of the shirt, which came away in Rach’s hands, momentarily unbalancing her.
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