cougar aunt fucks her virgin step-nephew

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cougar aunt fucks her virgin step-nephew
“Henry, would you do me a special favor ?” “What?” “Would you take the towel out of the way, so Auntie can take a look at your penis?” “Jeez, aunt Margret!” “I just want to see if it’s normally developed, Henry. See? I’m very willing to teach you about sex, honey. I think it’s part of my duty to you as your guardian. Don’t be shy, Henry. Please.” Henry stared at his aunt for several seconds, then shrugged and took off the towel.

“Your cock’s leaking Henry. Do you think you’ve got an awful lot of cum stored up in your balls?” “I guess.” “It must hurt to have such a big, stiff prick and to have your balls all swollen with a backed-up load of cum. Do you often have to jack off several times in a row, Henry, to make your cock feel better?” “Yeah.” Margaret tightened her fingers around his cock base.

Margaret jacked on his enormous prick harder, making more cock juice ooze out of the cock tip.

Margaret suppressed the gagging reflex, determinedly sliding her wet, sucking lips onto the blood-beating hardness of his cock.

Margaret’s pussy ached as she thought of how much cock juice would soon be spewing out of her horny nephew’s tremendous prick, spraying down her throat.

“I’m cumming, aunt Margret! Oh fuck, I’m cuummmiiinnngggg!” The giant cock started spraying out juice.

Deliriously, Margaret clung to her nephew’s erupting hard-on, sucking and jacking on it, shuddering as the cum juice sprayed onto her tonsils, giving the full belly of cock milk she’d craved from the beginning.

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Honey, sucking all that cream out of your cock has made Aunt Margret’s pussy awfully wet and horny.

“Oh God, Henry, you’ve got such a big one!” Margaret released his cock, now that there was no longer any danger of it slipping out.

“Unggh! Aunt Margaret loves your big prick, honey! Ungggh! Oh, please, oh, shit, fuck me with it! Margaret’s cunt so horny! Fuck your aunt, fuck your aunt hard!” Henry’s dazed expression showed that he liked fucking his aunt’s tight pussy even more than he liked having his cock sucked.
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