Crazy sex with Betty Fox in Budapest!!!

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Crazy sex with Betty Fox in Budapest!!!
Tobi: A fox, he is timid like Chloe, but also highly intelligent like Betty, and very energetic when running around with Sonja.

Two screams drew my eyes to Elise and Betty, Betty having tripped over Elise’s tail.

I don’t know who suffered more, Elise for getting her tail stepped on by Betty’s giant hooves or Betty for falling hard on her tits.

“Let’s both take it easy. Fred, I’ll talk to the cooks about getting you something meatier than casserole. Betty, how about tomorrow, we go out to eat, just you and me on a date?” Her tail started whipping back and forth.

Betty was pulling out all the stops with her mouth, using the greatest skill and technique she had. She wanted to make me climax before moving on, but lustful impatience took over and she finally broke away.

“What did you think I was talking about?” “Nothing, just forget about it.” The doors then opened and Betty stepped out, wearing a tube top and shorts.

Everyone in the mansion would get to satiate their beef craving while I took Betty out on our date.

This time, his eyes fell to Betty’s tail, hanging out of the back of her chair.

“I bet everyone at the mansion is eating one right now.” “You knew?” “Of course I knew. Why else would you take me, the only cow in the mansion, out to dinner? You wanted me out of the way.” “Betty, that’s not it.” “I bet it will happen again next week. Lorraine will take me out so you’ll get a turn to eat my friends and family.” A knot was forming in my stomach.

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I paid for dinner and we walked out with a very affectionate Betty clinging to my arm.
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