Cum swapping Step mommy and daughter

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Cum swapping Step mommy and daughter
Unbeknownst to Monica, I had opened the door to signal to Lynn it was time for her to enter our game.

Monica’s soft groan’s were intensifying as her pussy flooded with Lynn’s saliva and her own moisture.

Sensing my wife was nearing orgasm, I spoke, “Shove your tongue inside her!” “Oh my fucking God!” Monica screamed as Lynn forcefully shoved her tongue in her mom’s sweet cunt.

Lynn continued to flick her tongue in and out of Monica’s silky hole.

Lynn continued to finger fuck her mommy’s pussy as Monica rocked her hips up and down, moaning in unison with Lynn’s finger probing.

Standing three inches shorter, Lynn and Monica’s bodies were a perfect fit for each other.

The slight difference in height allowed Monica’s breasts to rest on top of Lynn’s as they pressed their bodies together.

As her hands caressed Monica’s back, Lynn slid her leg between her mothers.

Instinctively, Monica began grinding her hips against Lynn’s muscular thigh, moaning softly as her swollen clit slid across Lynn’s perfect skin.

Monica must have been feeling it too as she positioned herself under Lynn’s thighs and wrapped her arms over the top of Lynn’s legs.

Monica continued to assault Lynn’s cunt with her tongue, seemingly unable to get enough of her wonderful taste.

My powerful thrusts were pushing Monica’s face into Lynn.

Opening the top, Monica squeezed and ample amount of lubrication into the crack of Lynn’s ass.

Lynn wasn’t sure who I was talking to so she answered the same time my wife did, “Yes Daddy, cum in my ass like you always do!’ At the same time, Monica smiled,”Go ahead, fill our baby with your sperm!” I felt my cock begin to spasm.

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After a few minutes, Monica spoke, “Lynn, you need a back rub sweetie?” “Mmmm, sure!” Lynn replied.

Lynn quickly positioned herself between Monica’s submerged legs and leaned back.

“Seems you’ve inherited our love of, umwell, sex” Monica said to Lynn as she softly massaged her shoulders.
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