Cute Arab Girl Getting Dirty….

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Cute Arab Girl Getting Dirty….
After the meal I cleaned the dishes and Rachel asked Becky to help me with so she could talk to Judy in private about ‘motherhood’ issues.

After we were done, we came back in and Rachel and Becky were whispering, but stopped as we entered, with wide grins on their faces.

With these crazy thoughts whizzing through my head I almost didn’t realize how much it really turned me on until Rachel said, “Wow I think you’re bigger than I’d ever seen you. I must have really not done my proper wifely duties. Well, I’d better do what I can to fix that.” She grinned a crooked smile then did her level best to devour my cock.

“Well than, we’ve got some work to do then don’t we?” Judy stated flatly to Rachel and reached one hand to my groin.

Rachel, wiping tears away with one hand, nodded and reached her other hand to join with Judy’s, grasping my ball sack.

Judy straightened up, pulled down her lacy black panties and threw them to the side of the bed, winking as me, then backed up and placed her face right into Rachel’s pussy.

Judy stopped her ministrations and looked back at me, wagging her hips and naked pussy at me, “Waiting for a written invitation?” She then went back to sucking on Rachel’s clit.

Judy did a great job keeping her head glued to Rachel’s cunt as I pounded her.

Only moments later Rachel was screaming at the top of her lungs, “I’m so Fucking hot! OH GOD! I’M CUMMING!” She grabbed the back of Judy’s head and her cute face scrunched in a powerful orgasm.

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Rachel’s last throws of orgasm subsided as we watched, with Judy just sitting back on my cock, only holding it tight for a few moments.

“Now Rachel, tell him to get his ass over here and fuck me hard.” Rachel gave me her sexy eyes and sultry voice, “Come on Honey. I know you wanna cum, and I want lick you’re spooge out of her dirty cunt.” A heart-attack couldn’t have stopped me.

Rachel hugged me tight while I continued to shake in Judy’s full cunt, and Judy just moaned out, “God I’ve never been so full.” After I softened, still leaking out cum, I sat back and Rachel greedily sank her head down and gently sucked me clean.
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