Cute brunette Dillion Harper shows off her new shorts before sex

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Cute brunette Dillion Harper shows off her new shorts before sex
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“Hohoney, what are you doing naked?” His eyes went down to the arm across her breasts and the hand on her vagina.

His own hands went down to his crotch and covered the lump in his basketball shorts.

Jerry Russo turned his head to watch his daughter walk by, his eyes immediately going down to her firm, jiggling ass.

Theresa smiled while they kissed and slid her hands down his chest and stomach to his boxers, where she peeled them off, down to his toes and off on to the floor to join her night gown and bra.

His hands moved back to her hips and unbuttoned her jeans, squatting and pulling them down to her feet.

Alex smiled and crouched down in front of her brother, taking hold of the waistband and pulling it down, over his hard on.

A couple rooms down, Justin Russo was walking back into his mom’s room with a glass of water in his hand.

Theresa took the empty glass from his hand and put it down on the night stand.

Theresa took her ample tits in her hands and plopped them still in her bra over his dick and pushed them down until his dick was pointing through.

” Justin sat up and then stood, and Theresa lay down immediately.

Theresa reached down and took his cock in her hand and positioned it at the entrance to her hot pussy.

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She continued to bounce up and down on Max’s cock, her firm breasts flopping up and down.

” Harper sat down on the edge of her bed and fell silent.

Her hand went to her pants and then down them, underneath her panties to her pussy.

Twenty seconds later Alex came near her climax, and Harper reached down and rubbed her thumb under Alex’s clitoral hood and caressed her clit.

Harper saw his need and slid her hips backwards so that she could bend down to Max’s cock.

Her mouth engulfed his male member and started stroking the bottom with one hand while she tried to go down on his cock.

Her pussy wasn’t completely bald, like his sister’s but had a small brown triangle of pubic hair pointing down at her cunt.

Down at her pussy Max’s tongue caused her to climax, and with that shock she went down the final inch, her mouth at the hilt of his cock and her nose in his pubic hair.

Max gasped in pleasure and ejaculated down Harper’s throat.
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