Cute & playful blonde schoolgirl fucks her teacher in class

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Cute & playful blonde schoolgirl fucks her teacher in class
“They’re different from the other schools, so they’re distinctive, and I think they draw attention to my thighs. And the saddle shoes are old-school and make us look young and innocent.” Jenny placed one foot on the bed, clad in the red-and- white saddle shoes, and ran a hand up one of her white kneesocks, then over her thigh, slowly until it disappeared under her little cheerleading skirt.

“Just stand there, first,” Jenny told them, looking upward at them with a smile, “So I can make you nice and hard.” Jenny grasped a dick in each hand and started stroking them.

Using her tongue with masterful technique, Jenny had the older guy rock-hard within a minute to a full eight inches.

The younger guy crawled onto the bed first and spread his legs, while Jenny worked her way between them to his crotch, dressed in her sexy uniform.

The gray-haired man pushed the little white pleats of her red cheerleading skirt up high on her ass and peeled down Jenny’s cheer briefs until they were in a red stretch between her thighs.

In the meantime, Jenny’s head bounced up and down on the younger guy, her ponytails dancing around, while she was fucked from behind.

The older man held Jenny by the sides of her waist, and as her little cheerleading skirt swung wildly, he slapped her playfully on the ass.

“So keep fucking my hot little cheerleader pussy!” Jenny looked again at the video camera and slowly licked her way up the length of the cock in front of her, swirling her tongue around the tip.

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In the meantime, the younger guy was removing Jenny’s cheer panties all the way, wiggling them down over her kneesocks and tossing them aside.

“Now, lean forward, so he can fuck your sweet cheerleader ass.” Jenny giggled as she did so, and the other man tossed her little pleated skirt up again.

“I’m such a nasty little cheerleader.” Jenny bit her lip as she rocked on top of the older man while the younger guy drilled her tight asshole from behind.

The guys in the room hollered as the man absolutely drenched poor Jenny with a thick, white shower.

Jenny looked absolutely magnificent in her little cheerleading uniform that the squad had chosen for the night.
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