Dad Crush – step daughter caught twerking By Step dad

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Dad Crush – step daughter caught twerking By Step dad
The light skin black gentlemen name is Ben he notices Becky and says “Hello young lady, I am Ben” and smiles.

Ben “So do you think you will accept the job?” Tiffani “I thinks so, what do you think Becky?” Becky “I want you to take the job it sounds like a great opportunity and I think I just found a new friend, I feel comfortable here” Tiffani “I think it is decided, I will take the job. The salary is more money than my husband use to make and the advancement possibilities are endless” Ben “That sounds great, Gerald told me to tell you that he needs you to start training on Monday and that I am to give you this.” Ben gives her a large package with employment documents and schedule of classes.

Tiffani “What about clothes and where is Becky going to stay and packing and moving of our stuff?” Ben “We can go shopping tomorrow for clothes for you two. There is a company credit card in there for your expenses. Becky can stay her with my daughter and myself. If you give me your house key and car keys we plan to have your stuff professionally packed and moved down here while you are away.” Tiffani “I don’t know about leaving Becky here” Becky “I will be fine her with Ben and Nikki they are really nice people and this is too good of an opportunity to pass up” Ben is just dreaming about sweet little Becky being in his bed next week.

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Becky “OK, mom!” Tiffani “Do not give Ben a hard time.” Becky “Mom” Tiffani leaves and about a half hour later Becky leans over and puts her head on Ben’s chest.

Becky “Take off your clothes and come to bed, Ben, I want you to take my cherry” Ben takes off his clothes and jumps into the bed with Becky.

Ben “The hard part is done, just relax and get use to my size” Becky “You are a lot thicker than most men right?” Ben “The average mans cock is 6″ long and 2″ thick, Becky.

Do you have any questions, Becky?” Becky “Can we have more sex before I decide please? I want to try the anal sex before I decide also” Ben “That’s fair, lets go take a swim in the pool to cool off”.
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