Daddy helps TEEN daughterfriend GET OFF and Swallow CUM

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Daddy helps TEEN daughter’s friend GET OFF and Swallow CUM
Her name is Kayla and she’s stunning to say the least.

She’s very popular with the boys at her school, even male teachers.

With her long dirty blonde hair, so shiny and soft, her petite frame with developing curves, soft white skin with a slight tan, blue eyes, perky and firm c-cup chest, of course she’s popular with every heterosexual male.

I know she’s been sexually active for at least two years.

She’s had older boyfriends, even young guys who were out of high school.

If she’s sweet to me it’s because she wants money.

She’s always adored Mark and in recent years I’ve been a bit upset that she’s been way more excited and happy to see him than me.
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