Daughter Swap – Teen Besties Fuck Eachothers Dads

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Daughter Swap – Teen Besties Fuck Eachothers Dads
“How’s school?” My father asked me as I close the door.

“Oh? What is that for?” My father asked about the masquerade mask I am holding.

My father pushes the door and both of them stepped in.

“Come out Katie” His father, Mr.Dave said calmly.

“Well the real question is what are you doing here?” My father asked me back.

“Fuck, then we have been hooking up our own daughters.” Mr.Dave said to my father.

“Then what are we going to do now?” My father ask.

“How about you girls?” My father asked us.

Though my father is a bit taller than Mr.Dave.

My father take a peak at me but then I saw Katie pulls his chin and kisses him on the lips.

“Ohh fuck You are so grounded” My father moans as he start to grab Katie’s blonde hair.

“How is my father doing Alex?” She asked naughtily.

Unlike my father, instead of taking off my teddy lingerie, he pulls down my panties and get me all four on the bed.

Alex chuckles as she look down and see what her father is doing.

My father seems to know how to give a girl pleasure from her tits.

“Uhhum. Let’s show them what sex is all about” My father’s voice groans between Alex’s breasts.

Alex is already in that position when my father slides down, rip her panties off her body, and yes, he ripped it off and give her pussy a few kisses and lick before he pulls back.

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My father smiles at me proudly as I can see Mr.Mark smiles at Alex.

“Are you girls ready?” My father asked with his cock in my bestfriend.

Following her lead, I look into her father’s eyes.

Our tits jiggles with unison as I can feel my pussy being slammed again and again by my bestfriend’s father.

“Me too Katie! Ahh fuckk fuckk fuckk!!” I look up at my father as he look at my horny face.

“Ahhh father I’m cumming!! Ahhh!!” I moans loud.

Katie still pounded by my father hard before she too bursts her pussy juices all over my father’s cock.

In the corner of my eye I can see my father cum all over Katie’s face too.
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