Deauxma and Bibette Blanche – Lesbian Triangles 6 -Squirting

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Deauxma and Bibette Blanche – Lesbian Triangles

“Amy” I said “How many orgasm’s did you have fucking my husband?” “Two momma” “Then you shall take 20 on each cheek” “Yes momma thank you momma” “Good girl now stand perfectly still” Amy stood and I bought the belt down on her butt cheek Thwack I did not hold back “One thank you momma” Thwack “Two thank you momma” This continued until I had done 10 at which point I surveyed my work and Cynthia had moved to get a better view for which I had purposefully obliged by my own position.

“Good show” said Cynthia “You are going to do me proud when I have gone” “May I kiss your tit’s” I asked her “Darling never ask they are yours whenever you want them wherever you want them” I removed her blouse and her bra and began to suckle “Mmmmm baby feels so good yes suck mommas tits” I suckled and mauled her breasts all the time hearing her moans of pleasure.

Finally I could stand no more I released my hold on Cynthia and asked Mike to fuck me.

We made sure Cynthia got a good view and Mike began.

“Fuck me with it” I cried “Now” “Beg me?” He asked “I beg you” “Beg me what for” “I beg you put that cock in me now and fuck me” “And the rest” “I beg you put that cock in me now and fuck me please” “That’s better” He suddenly thrust his cock deep inside till only his balls remained outside then he came back halfway and thrust again and again “Ahhhhh Fuck yes more harder” Mike thrust harder and harder I was having difficulty keeping up finally I had my orgasm my legs weakened and I almost passed out.
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