Delanie – Delicious booty

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Delanie – Delicious booty
Eric’s tussled black hair, blue eyes, and tall, toned body wrapped in fitted jeans and a black t-shirt had made me hyper-aware of my unflattering clothing and the smell of car and sweat that clung to me after my 7 hour drive between my home town and the college.

Right? On the downside, I still couldn’t help but drool over Eric even if, though he was totally my type, I didn’t even have the right parts to be his.

“You said you could have sworn that Eric was checking you out that first week too. Remember?” At that point, Julia was almost literally rolling on the couch howling in laughter.

“Oh Eric! Babe, did you find another little birdy for us to adopt?” I looked over Eric’s shoulder to see Gavin lounging on the couch, a video game controller in his hands.

Eric looked over his shoulder too, “Even better” he called.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Then he jumped off the couch and sauntered over to where Eric and I stood in the doorway.

Gavin pushed past Eric in the tiny entry way and gave me a hug “Happy birthday Lanie. We simply must celebrate.” “That’s why I didn’t tell you, Gav. I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t want to celebrate.” Gavin leaned back to look at me, arms still wrapped around me “Why ever not dear? You and the day you came into this world certainly sound like reason enough to celebrate!” “Yeah,” Eric chimed in.

“How old are you turning anyway?” I thought about lying, knowing that telling the truth would result in Gavin, and maybe even Eric, making an even bigger deal out of the day than they already were.

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“Hey,” Eric said coming down to sit on the floor next to me after cleaning up most of the empty cups and food wrappers.

“You wanna just watch a movie now or something?” I looked over at Gavin before looking back to Eric with a smile.

Eric didn’t look horrified like I thought he would.

Having made up my mind, I quickly finished stripping and had barely finished when Eric’s big body came over my and I felt the delicious sensation of his hard cock pressing into my pussy.

My scream wasn’t very loud, but Eric still clamped his hand over my mouth to muffle the sound further in his mostly quite bedroom.
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