Desi Indian Sex With Hot Girlfriend in Hotel

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Desi Indian Sex With Hot Girlfriend in Hotel
Maybe she didn’t want to have sex with anyone else… I believe it was mid-August, I found myself watching t.v with my Mom.

“Mom, I was wondering, um, let’s see, I was wondering if you wanted to like, um, try that sex thing again?” I asked nervously.

The couple were newlyweds and this was Zara’s first time having sex with someone else other than himself.

The man said we should do it at a hotel nearby which he recommends to be good.

My Mom mentioned that we don’t do anal, don’t have sex during female periods and that condoms are a must.

They agreed to follow those rules and we set up a date and time to meet at the hotel, a time my Mom most felt comfortable at.

We all met outside the hotel, introduced ourselves again and Rahul signed us all into the hotel.

All 4 of us took the same elevator to our hotel room and got settled down.

We sat down on the bed together and awkwardly waited until Rahul finished using the washroom, locked the hotel room door and came and sat down.

I sent my Mom to Rahul pretending that she was my wife and I was allowing her to have sex with someone else.

I’d never known a Muslim girl who shaved her pubic hair and Zara was no exception, but she did take the time to trim it neatly and wax her bikini line.

Remember, this is the first time she is having sex with someone other than her husband.

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There’s nothing I love more during sex is a girl riding me.

She began shaking, and I knew this was the golden universal sign that a girl was going to cum.
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