Dicking down my neighbor’s girlfriend

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Dicking down my neighbor’s girlfriend
I wanted her to touch my cock with any part of her body.

Six hours before I had assumed that Maria was a demure middle-aged Filipino woman.

Maria opened a drawer next to her bed and pulled out a cock ring.

She reached down and clamped the ring on to my cock.

Then she sat up, swung over leg over and slid straight down my cock until I was completely buried in her snatch.

Maria held my balls in her hand and squeezed every time she slid up my cock.

Suddenly Maria let go of my balls and ground her cunt on my public bone.

She leaned forward so that my cock popped out of her and lay across my chest as she smiled and cooed.

My cock was standing at attention and facing directly at Maria’s face.

I felt like a magnet was drawing me to her, cock first.

She smiled at me, and I put my hands on the sides of her head as I pressed my cock against her thick lips.

For the third time that night I blew a huge load of cum in Maria.

As she walked by, she fondled my rapidly softening cock.

After a few minutes I realized that Fritz was licking his master to her own orgasm while I recovered.

Fritz licked my cunt once, then I felt him hop on my back.

His claws were clipped, and I could feel him grasping my sides as his cock poked my thighs.

I turned my hips a little to the left and BAM I could feel his entire cock slam into me.

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He started to hump and I felt a huge knot slide up his cock and fill my cunt.

Fritz shot cum the entire time, so long before he was finished I could feel his cum streaming out of me.

” Although I had cum three times already, I could feel my cock stirring again.

Maria went on: “The first time that Fritz fucked me, I thought he would be locked in me forever.

The mixture of his cum and my cum that ran out felt like a waterfall.

The neighbor laid down next to me, kissed me on the forehead and told me that she fucked Fritz at least twice a week.

My neighbor liked to have me eat her pussy while Fritz fucked me.

As much as I loved pussy, this was fine with me! One day when Fritz popped out of me, she spun me around and slipped her entire hand up my cunt.
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