Digital Playground -Star Live Show

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Digital Playground -Star Live Show
Pete the gardener had told me about them and we had watched some one night while Heather was away.

I wondered for a moment if I would get to kill Heather and then I felt instant shame as I creamed my pants at the thought of watching Heather die.

“Kelly these are the men who will be playing your gang and together you will try to hurt Heather so”Daddy” will love you not her.

You will be watching “Daddy” and his friends with Heather and you will be so turned on you will have your own gang bang with these guys – you want to feel physical pain to equal the emotional pain you feel at being left out so you beg them to be rough – you get what I mean?” “Sure – I get off on pain – I want them to be rough – but not violent – we save that for Heather – right?” “Wow you really get this don’t you – yes you will all gangbang Heather and yes it will get violent – really violent – the most violent -are you going to handle that?” ” I will show you how well I can handle it” I brought his hand down to my dripping cunt and forced it inside.

The perverts like Pete would love it – he loved rape films even as much as snuff and Heather was quickly realizing she was being raped.

To Heather’s credit she adjusted to the men and once again was having a good time.

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My own gangbang was continuing as I watched Heather.

My ass being fucked by cock after cock – the pain was turning me on so much I had multiple orgasms which the camera caught as well as the look of evil on my face as I conspired to finish my “sister” Heather.

“Daddy loves his little girl – he wants her to have special drinks from all his friends” and before she knew what to do – Heather’s face was held still while man after man urinated in her mouth.

The day ended with “Daddy” helping the family dog fuck Heather’s sore ass.

We made love through the night discussing how I would finish Heather and the other man and in what order.
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